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Never Purchase Oil, Gas or Propane Again!

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The Upshot of the Westchester
      Gas Moratorium

The Upshot of the Westchester
   Gas Moratorium

. . . Huge Incentives! 

            With Savings up to 80% on Utility Bills Forever!

In addition to the 26% Federal Tax Credit, Con Ed is offering  $5,000 per 10,000 Btu/h of heating capacity off geothermal when you install a Geo Group Heating & Cooling System.

PLUS . . . If your home is in the area affected by the Westchester Natural Gas Moratorium, you can receive an Additional 30% Incentive, on Top of the $5,000 - That's $6,500/10,000 BTU/h!!  

 The Good News  . . .  Technology Does Matter!


The Geo Group System Adds 15% - 20% to the  Incentives

Higher Performance = Higher Incentives - More Than Any Other Geothermal System.*

The Incentives Make Installing a Geothermal System Compelling When You Consider it's Equal or Less than the Cost of a Traditional Fossil Fuel System.

Take a look at the facts below -  the GeoGroup's Incentive Benefits Advantage   and Real World Savings, Whether a Retrofit, Renovation or New Construction.

Compare Heat Pump Incentives

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Westchester County

5 Ton Heat Pump
  61,500 BTU/h

Westchester County


Additional 30%





 Heat Pump

Geo Logo Blue wo leaf.png
Central Hudson Logo.png











5 Ton Heat Pump

     47,900 BTU/h

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Retrofit Residential

Chappaqua Exterior Front Wide Shot2.jpg

'DX' Geothermal

Westchester County, New York

6,000 Sq. Ft. - Chappaqua, New York

Monthly Geothermal Cost for Heating & Cooling

$292. /Month Geothermal  @ $0.18/Kwh


$  90. /Month Geothermal w/Solar​ TOTAL


Annual Cost Comparisons

$1,080. Geothermal vs $8,000 Fossil Fuel Oil

The Geo Group Custom Engineers & Designs Each System
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 *The Geothermal Group does not provide tax, legal or accounting advise regarding the 26% Federal Tax Credit.  Speak with your legal and tax accountants to learn how your taxes will benefit by the Federal Tax Credit.

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