New York State Incentives


New York State Clean Energy Program provides generous incentives for installation of a Geo Group ground source heat pump systems.  A Geo Group System qualifies for the highest incentives in the industry. 

$6,500/10,000 BTU/h for areas affected by the  Westchester Gas Moratorium.



   Connecticut Incentives

The Geo Group is an approved contractor for DEEP (Department of Energy and Environmental Protection).  Connecticut homeowners can qualify for $1,500/ton up to $10,000 in heat pump incentives for a Geo Group Geothermal System. 

Technology Matters!*
Comparison Incentive Chart Below . . .

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Most Northeast Utilities Offer Substantial Rebates.
These incentives save homeowners thousands of dollars More when installing a
GeoGroup Heat Pump System. . . See NYS Comparison Incentive Chart & Actual Project Costs below - Note Below: Additional 30% ConEd Incentive is Not included for areas affected by the Westchester Gas Moratorium.

Actual GeoGroup   

               Projects, Incentives & Costs

Retrofit  - Converted Fossil Fuel (Propane) Systems to Geothermal

Project Location -                                                                   Lower Westchester County, NY

Home Circa -                                                                           2000

Two (2) System

Custom Design & Installation                                               $72,000    TOTAL

Federal Tax Credit Plus Con Edison Incentive                  -32,500     Incentives

Homeowner                                                                             $39,500     Out of Pocket Cost 

Value of Changing 20 yr. old System                                 -20,000     Cost to Change Old System

    Bottom Line - 'Real Cost'            $19,500 Incremental Geo Cost

Homeowner Never Purchases Propane Again!

6 Year Payback!

Documented Annual Savings $3,050

New Construction  - Geothermal vs. Propane Hydro-aire System

Project Location -                                                           Litchfield County, CT                           

Four (4) True Zone - Six (6) Total Zones

Geothermal Design & Installation All In                    $142,000    TOTAL

Federal Tax Credit Plus Connecticut Ince                  -46,000     Incentives

Homeowner                                                                     $96,000     Out of Pocket Cost 

Propane Hydro-aire System & 1500 Ft. Radiant 

Six (6) Zone Propane Would Have C                         -70,000     Propane System

Bottom Line - 'Real  Cost'               $26,000 Incremental Geo Cost

Homeowner Enjoys a 'Fossil Fuel Free' Environment

Perfect Comfort . . .

              Every Room, Every Season, Every Sensibility

5.5 Year Payback!

Documented Annual Savings $4,620

Technology Matters!

Chart DX vs Water Loops GeoGroup2.png

 NYS Utility Incentives
Higher Performance Delivers Higher Incentives When You Own A GeoGroup Heating & Cooling System

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Compare Heat Pump Incentives

Westchester County

5 Ton Heat Pump
  61,500 BTU/h

Westchester County


Additional 30%





 Heat Pump

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5 Ton Heat Pump

     47,900 BTU/h

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 *The Geothermal Group does not provide tax, legal or accounting advise.  Speak with your legal and tax accountants to learn how your taxes will benefit by the Federal Tax Credit.