New York State Incentives


NYSERDA New York State Clean Heat Program as well as some NYS utility companies provide generous incentives for installation of a Geo Group ground source heat pump system.  A Geo Group System qualifies for the highest incentives in the industry. 

   Connecticut Incentives

The Geo Group is an approved contractor for DEEP (Department of Energy and Environmental Protection).  Connecticut homeowners can qualify for $1,500/ton up to $10,000 in heat pump incentives for a Geo Group Geothermal System. 

See NYS Comparison Incentive Chart Below . . .

The #1 Geothermal Designer & Installer in the Northeast

Most Northeast Utilities Offer Substantial Rebates.

These incentives save homeowners thousands of dollars More when installing a

GeoGroup Heat Pump System. . . See NYS Comparison Incentive Chart & Actual Project Costs below.

Actual GeoGroup   

               Projects, Incentives & Costs

Retrofit  - Converted Fossil Fuel (Propane) Systems to Geothermal

Project Location -                                                                   Lower Westchester County, NY

Home Circa -                                                                           2000

Two (2) System

Custom Design & Installation                                               $72,000    TOTAL

Federal Tax Credit Plus Con Edison Incentive                  -32,500     Incentives

Homeowner                                                                             $39,500     Out of Pocket Cost 

Value of Changing 20 yr. old System                                 -20,000     Cost to Change Old System

    Bottom Line - 'Real Cost'            $19,500 Incremental Geo Cost

Homeowner Never Purchases Propane Again!

6 Year Payback!

Documented Annual Savings $3,050

New Construction  - Geothermal vs. Propane Hydro-aire System

Project Location -                                                           Litchfield County, CT                           

Four (4) True Zone - Six (6) Total Zones

Geothermal Design & Installation All In                    $142,000    TOTAL

Federal Tax Credit Plus Connecticut Ince                  -46,000     Incentives

Homeowner                                                                     $96,000     Out of Pocket Cost 

Propane Hydro-aire System & 1500 Ft. Radiant 

Six (6) Zone Propane Would Have C                         -70,000     Propane System

Bottom Line - 'Real  Cost'               $26,000 Incremental Geo Cost

Homeowner Enjoys a 'Fossil Fuel Free' Environment

Perfect Comfort . . .

              Every Room, Every Season, Every Sensibility

5.5 Year Payback!

Documented Annual Savings $4,620

Chart DX vs Water Loops GeoGroup2.png

Higher Performance Translates to Higher Incentives & Savings

 NYS Utility Incentives

Compare Heat Pump Technologies


 Heat Pump




 5 Ton Heat Pump

   47,900 BTU/h


5 Ton Heat Pump

  61,500 BTU/h



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 *The Geothermal Group does not provide tax, legal or accounting advise.  Speak with your legal and tax accountants to learn how your taxes will benefit by the Federal Tax Credit.