The Geothermal Group strives to meet and exceed expectations for every client to ensure each a success story.

We are proud of receiving accolades - no greater compliment than receiving praise from clients and respected professionals in your field. 


Frank A. - Roxbury, CT

Litchfield County

" . . .We were lucky to discover Paul Auerbach after another contractor failed to deliver.
In building a new house from the ground up (2010/2011) we hoped to engage in at least some element of green construction, but we were getting cold feet.  I ran across an old high school friend who said, "don't give up on geothermal".  So, confidence in Paul and my friend's push sent us forward with Paul's DX system.  As with most endeavors there have been quirks, but Paul has always been there for us.  Long after the system is in Paul answers every email and phone call promptly.
We love the quality of the air.  Its clean!  Never too hot or too cold.  We would definitely embark on this adventure again."

Dr. Nirit R.  – Chappaqua, NY 

Westchester County

“ . . . We have a 6,000 sq. ft home in Westchester and wanted to switch from oil to geothermal.  This was difficult given the heating and cooling system was already in place.  The Geo Group was able to design a system that integrated seamlessly with the existing ducting system and kept features we wanted, like radiant.   The air conditioning and heating is a huge improvement over our original systems.  They provide excellent service and quality work. Always a can-do attitude in a timely fashion.” ​

Frank R. – Cortlandt Manor, NY

Westchester County

In 2011 I was designing a new home in Westchester.  As a family with small children we wanted to “go green” and were recommended to Paul and his team.  The installation went without a hitch and since  start-up in 2013 the system has already paid for itself.   It costs  less than $1300 a year to heat and cool the house. The comfort is amazing during all seasons.  

Sean W. – Building Professional, Washington, CT

Litchfield County

“ . . . We had a really bad situation with a geothermal company in the Hudson Valley that failed to start work on a job after receiving a substantial deposit from us.   As we were in the midst of construction, delays are costly.  When it was apparent the original contractor wouldn’t perform, I contacted Paul Auerbach.  He brought in his team and saved the project. It’s hard to find a company with better professional ethics.   We’ve since worked on several jobs with them including a major project in New Preston and always recommend them to colleagues.  I won’t do a geothermal project with anyone else."

James C. - Plumbing, Heating & HVAC Salisbury, CT

Litchfield County

" . . . I’ve been in the HVAC business for over 35 years and seen my share of geothermal system disasters installed by hackers who didn’t have the technical savvy to do the job right. We’ve been involved with several systems ripped out and replaced with boilers and conventional central air.   I learned my lesson with geothermal until we met Paul and the team at The Geothermal Group. 
These folks are the most professional geothermal engineers and technicians I’ve worked with.  Paul Auerbach knows the technology and designs the systems so they work.  As a plumbing contractor I personally prefer the DX copper technology but these guys do it all.  Water based and DX system

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