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​​​​​​​​​Before you run out and buy a geothermal system, be sure you've done you research.  First, learn about geothermal and the features and benefits offered by each technology.

Be cautious of companies offering geothermal systems as a line extension of their current businesses. For example, 'some' well drillers sell water based geothermal systems only to allow them to keep their drills working and turn money.  Similar to 'some' HVAC and plumbers who propose to take advantage of the growing demand for energy efficiency and renewable energy - but lack the know-how and experience to properly design and install geothermal and generally are not viewed as 'Specialists' in the field of geothermal heating and cooling. 

Companies touting inexpensive or smaller geothermal systems are generally selling a 'cookie-cutter' system resulting in an undersized, inefficient system.  These companies often have surprise charges and agreements with hidden costs.  Each system requires engineering, design and installation specific to the needs of your structure to guarantee maximum efficiencies, quality and ROI - No two structures are alike.  Key objectives - Savings, Comfort and Pay Back without compromise. 


Too often systems are undersized due to inexperience, or to reduce capacity and costs to undercut a competitors price.  In this case,  geothermal system can’t meet demand and expensive back-up heat is used to maintain temperature. This is costly and counterproductive negating the geothermal systems efficiency.

Financing is a topic in and of itself . . . by the time you pay the loan, chances are you've eliminated the high efficiency savings - Do the Math. 

Be Sure Your Geothermal Contractor:


  • ​Is experienced and qualified in the most efficient and advanced technologies - Specialists and Certified in Geothermal Technologies. 'DX' and Water Loop Systems.


  • Ideally a contractor whose sole business is designing and installing geothermal systems with core competencies in retrofits and new construction, whether it be residential, commercial or industrial applications. 

  • Delivers a 'No Hidden Cost' Agreement


  • Provides a Manual J or other accurate heat load calculation. Note more recently most state energy codes require a Manual J to ensure correctly sized geothermal heating and cooling systems.  


  • Guarantees equipment meets Energy Star standards.


  • ​​​Administers warranties, systems operations and services.

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