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Energy is one of the top issues facing America - and the World. Demand for energy drives global politics and by extension, the US economy.  As the need for energy increases worldwide, market dynamics force energy prices up, affecting every citizen from Wall Street to Main Street.

Residential and commercial users of energy are anxious to lower overall energy usage and cost.  This a large and growing market segment looking for a product and the talent to deliver it.  The Geo Group brings the knowledge and experience to assist you in meeting this demand for energy efficiency and environmental responsibility - with options that benefit your clients, as well as your community - whether it be solar, geothermal or a combination of both.

Our experience has shown 80% of our Geothermal residential new construction and renovation projects were specified by the consumer. As the demand trends up for energy efficiency solutions, the construction industry is shifting to geothermal as a heating and cooling solution.

Eco friendly heating and cooling is a natural evolution - using heat pump technology and the earth’s natural energy to warm and cool space and water - at a cost far less than conventional technology.


& Engineers

Building Professional Architects Enginee

It All Starts Here . . . 

As the Architect visualizes - the Engineer specifies the systems as they apply to space conditioning - the Client relies on creativity, inspiration and solid judgement.

Architects and Engineers lead clients through the myriad steps in the process with confidence and knowledge in all aspects of traditional and new best practices.

​As trusted advisers, the roles are holistic, blending diverse requirements and disciplines in a creative process, while serving the clients’ needs, functionality and budgets . . . 

With that in mind, we invite you to embrace renewable and sustainable energy solutions. More and more property owners are requiring Geothermal Heating and Cooling solutions to replace fossil fuel.   Geothermal is universally considered the gold standard in efficiency, comfort and reliability with lowest operational costs - and proudly carry the Made in America label.

It's incumbent on all of us, as Professionals, to lead in energy efficiency - understanding the talents require technical prowess as well as artistic sensibilities.




David.Englewood Ext.png

Here's Where Art Meets Science,                                  Bringing Ideas to Reality . . .

The Geo Group works with Developers, Builders, Architects, Engineers and their partners in a seamless process ensuring every geothermal installation meets all design parameters. Detailed specifications, integrated experience, full project management, building analysis and tech support are all part of The Geothermal Group.

The difference between Geothermal distribution and conventional HVAC - Geothermal demands consistent specifications to meet quality standards in every precision installation.  Sealed ducting, accurate zoning, best in class materials and technical exactness are all common elements in geothermal systems.  It's these best practices that guarantee more than 50% savings in electric over conventional air conditioning​ systems. - and up to 80% savings over fossil fuels. 

Have questions or special requests, we’re available for free consultations.  Just give us a call 844.500.4545 or Click Here.



The Geo Group Seminar will elevate your company and staff knowledge to meet the demands for energy efficiency and environmental responsibility.  

As specialists in all geothermal technologies with firsthand experience in 'DX' Direct Exchange and Water Based Systems, we will outline the advantages and best practices in each application including. . . 


  • ​Geothermal vs Traditional Systems in New Construction, Retrofits and Renovations 


  • Highly accurate load calculations-how equipment sizing closely matches system capacity

  • Longevity over conventional system equipment 

  • Heating & Cooling distribution

  • Integration flexibility - refrigerant to air or water and       radiant systems 

  • Scientific data - COP calculations

  • Efficiency, comfort

​         And more....

Building ProfessionalLunch & Learn2889d7

Combined with your professional expertise, the information provided by the Geo Group reveals the whole enchilada* in an informal Lunch & Learn Seminar with the region’s foremost experts in state-of-the-art geothermal and Certified Speaker AIA and NSPE.

Engineering, designing and installation are all in the Geo Group Professional wheelhouse.

We address your 'technical' as well as 'aesthetic' sensibilities . . . your audience rules the Q & A.

*The Menus' Regional Preference is UP to You...

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