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Custom Engineered Geothermal Systems

Not All Geothermal Companies

Are Created Equal

Choose A Geothermal Contractor:


  • ​Experienced and qualified in the most efficient and advanced technologies - Specialists and Certified in Geothermal Technologies. 'DX' and Water Loop Systems.


  • Ideally a contractor whose sole business is designing and installing geothermal systems with core competencies in retrofits and new construction, whether it be residential, commercial or industrial applications. 

  • Applies Best Practices in residential and commercial applications guaranteed to deliver the highest quality and efficiencies.

  • Delivers a 'No Hidden Cost' Agreement.


  • Provides a Manual J or other approved heat load calculation. Note more recently most state energy codes require a Manual J to ensure correctly sized geothermal heating and cooling systems.  


  • Guarantees equipment meets Energy Star standards.


  • ​​​Administers warranties, systems operations and services.

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Mike & Joanna H.

Bergen County, NJ

Retrofit - Water Loop Geothermal

" . . . We switched from natural gas and feel the difference in the air quality & comfort. We were so pleased with the Geo Group we . . .


John & Beth R.

Westchester County, NY

New Construction - 'DX' Geothermal

" . . . The installation went without a hitch. It costs  less than $1300 a year to heat and cool the house. The comfort is amazing all seasons and . . . 

Pantiz a.jpg

Tom P. 

Dutchess County, NY

New Construction- 'DX' Geothermal

" . . . We have  a water loop system in the main house & a DX system in the guest house designed & installed by the Geo Group. The DX system 'kicks ass', it's far better!"

Why The


#1 Geothermal Installers in the NE

New Construction Or Renovation?

Up load your plans to

Get A 'No Hidden Cost' Custom Estimate

For A Free Custom Estimate or to Learn More About Geothermal Technologies and Savings:

Hudson Valley, NY, NJ, CT

Call 844.500.4545 

Delaware Valley, PA, DE

Call 610.755.5268

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