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The Geo Group Advantage

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Why The Geo Group 

The Geothermal Group:​


Specializes and Certified in Geothermal Technologies

  • ​ DX' Direct Exchange

  •  Water Based Systems​

Is in the Exclusive Business of Designing & Installing 

  • 'Turn-Key' Geothermal Solutions

  • ​Experienced with Over 550 Successful Real World Installations for:


         -  New Construction and Retrofits

         -  Residential and Commercial


  • Warranties, Systems Operation and Services


The Geothermal Group Professionals

A unique company comprised of professionals specializing in Geothermal Engineering, Design and Installation.  

The Group share best practices from Design - to Drilling  - to HVAC - to delivering Comfort and Extraordinary Efficiencies (Savings).


Trained Staff & Services:

  • Geothermal System Designers, Engineers and Installers


  • Highly proficient in needs assessment and  feasibility.

HVAC Engineers and Installers . . .

  • Skilled in systems integration exclusive to Geothermal technologies.

Geothermal Infrastructure . . .

  • Our earth tap installations employs specialized drilling skill sets and equipment.

Field Service Technicians . . .

  • On-site Project Managers certified in building operations and performance.

Professionalism . . .

  • Install precision equipment manufactured in the USA. Constantly subject to research and development improving efficiency and delivering outstanding ROI. 

New Construction Or Renovation?

Up load your plans to

Get A 'No Hidden Cost' Custom Estimate

Have Questions, and Who Doesn't, or to Learn More About Geothermal Technologies and Savings for:

Hudson Valley, NY, NJ, CT

Call 844.500.4545 

Delaware Valley, PA, DE

Call 610.755.5268

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