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Perfect Comfort, Every Room, Every Season

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50% - 80% Savings

Heating & Cooling

                . . .Perfected! 

Going beyond Savings, Efficiency and Environment . . . Clients are so impressed with the comfort, it often seems to overshadow all other tangible benefits.  

'DX' Geothermal Cooling is not central air conditioning as we know it. The equipment is compact and located inside the structure. No noisy condensor outside a window - ensuring extended longevity over conventional systems. 

Cooling is described as ". . . feels like a spring morning - free of humidity, the soft touch of spring air.  Never wet, muggy or clammy."

'DX' Geothermal Heating out performs traditional heating in every way. The heating cycle delivers ". . . warmth without drying, consistent climate control - gentle, warm heat."

'DX' Vent Delivers Warmer Air  in Winter, Cooler Air in Summer elevating the experience of comfort in your personal environment, air quality that delivers  . . .  Perfect Comfort, Every Room, Every Season

Rest Comfortably With Safe, Clean, Renewable Energy. 

The Geothermal Group delivers the most efficient and comfortable heating and cooling available today.​

Have questions, and who doesn't, we’re available for free consultations.  Just give us a call 844.500.4545 or Click Here.


Mike & Joanna H.

Bergen County, NJ

Retrofit - Water Loop Geothermal

" . . . We switched from natural gas and feel the difference in the air quality & comfort. We were so pleased with the Geo Group . . .


John & Beth R.

Westchester County, NY

New Construction - 'DX' Geothermal

" . . . The installation went without a hitch. It costs  less than $1300 a year to heat and cool the house. The comfort is amazing all seasons and . . . 


Charlie & Susan K.

Litchfield County, CT

Renovation- 'DX' Geothermal

" . . . It's nearly two years, the system has performed beyond my expectations. But the system's ultimate success depends . . .

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