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Free Renewable Energy

Made in USA

Safe, Clean Sustainable

Never Purchase

     Oil, Gas or Propane Again!

Save up to 80%

          on Heating & Cooling

Perfect Comfort . . .

           Every Room, Every Season

26% Tax Credit

Federal Tax Credit Increased to 30%

Features and Benefits 

Set It & Forget It

Whether you have a commercial structure, home (vacation or primary), if you're using oil, gas or propane, Geothermal is a worthwhile alternative.  Environmentally friendly, Geothermal is recognized by the United States Environmental Protection Agency as the most environmentally-safe, cost effective heating and cooling system on the market.

​Geothermal systems change how we experience and interact with our personal environment - while eliminating the worry of carbon monoxide.  Geothermal, coupled with the new generation of Wi-Fi thermostats, offers ultimate indoor climate control. Imagine no longer having the daunting task of closing and reopening each time you visit your vacation home or travel . . . Upon arrival Geothermal delivers temperatures for perfect comfort, every room, every person – every season.  

Find your most comfortable temperature for each season and the systems maintain it all year round.  ​

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Smart Energy

Maximum Efficiency - Ultra efficient 'DX' Direct Exchange Technology is 30% more efficient than other geothermal heating systems. However, any geothermal system delivers $4 - $5 in heat for every dollar spent in electricity to run the geothermal system. Fossil fuel boilers produce less than $1.00 worth of heat for every dollar spent in dirty fossil fuel to run it.  

Achieving 4.5 - 5.0 COP heating and up to 33 SEER cooling in real world applications.


Perfect with Radiant - Totally compatible with radiant heat, integrates seamlessly. ​

Equipment Longevity - Geothermal systems are housed inside the home/structure. No outside, unsightly, noisy condensers exposed to the elements or vandalism.  No venting required for combustion gases spewed from a boiler. 

Lower Cost Ownership - In addition to savings of up to 80%, geothermal systems last years longer than equivalent fossil fuel systems, are more reliable, has far lower maintenance and completely eliminates furnaces, A/C compressors and venting.


More Comfortable -  Vent Temperatures, Warmer in Winter & Cooler in Summer delivering substantially higher quality heating and cooling. Lower temperature, higher humidity heat in winter, better de-humidification in summer.  

Delivers Clean Air - Contributes to ending Global Warming. Completely eliminates burning Fossil Fuel on site.  Remember, when our friends at the oil & gas companies 'crow' about 'cleaner' fuel - 'Cleaner isn't Clean!"


​Safety - Geothermal systems are safer than conventional fuel systems. They cannot produce the lethal and potentially fatal carbon monoxide (CO) gas.  

​​Higher Consumer Satisfaction - Utility surveys indicate higher level consumer satisfaction.  Government studies consistently reveal more than 95% of all geothermal consumers highly recommend a geothermal system.

Increases Property Values - The Real Estate industry estimates every energy $1. saved annually, increases property value by $20.  

Example - Save $5,000 a year on heating and cooling while the property increases in value by $100,000.

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