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Lunch& Learn

The Geo Group Seminar will elevate your company and staff knowledge to meet the demands for energy efficiency and environmental responsibility.  As specialists in all Ground Source Heat Pump technologies with firsthand experience in 'DX' Direct Exchange and Water Loop Systems.  We will outline the advantages and best practices in each application including. . . 

  • ​Geothermal vs Traditional Systems in New Construction, Retrofits and Renovations 


  • Highly accurate load calculations-how equipment sizing closely matches system capacity

  • Longevity over conventional system equipment 

  • Heating & Cooling distribution

  • Integration flexibility - refrigerant to air or water and  radiant system


  • Scientific data - COP calculations

  • Efficiency, comfort


  • Financing, Federal Tax Credits and Rebate Availability

​         And more....

Combined with your professional expertise, the information provided by the Geo Group reveals the whole enchilada* in an informal Lunch & Learn Seminar with the region’s foremost experts in state-of-the-art geothermal and Certified Speaker AIA and NSPE.

Engineering, designing and installation are all in the Geo Group Professional wheelhouse.

We address your 'technical' as well as 'aesthetic' sensibilities . . . your audience rules the Q & A.

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