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'DX' Direct Exchange Specialty  Applications

'DX' Heat Pump Specialty Applications

Geothermal is highly flexible technology.  In addition to residential applications, 'DX' geothermal is perfectly suitable to specialty applications including indoor greenhouses, fish farms and grow facilities. Heating and cooling for Multi-family dwelling where individual metering is required, Geothermal is a great application. Ideal for private/public schools, dormitories, spas - anywhere large quantities of potable hot water is required.  There are many tax incentives and loan programs for installing a geothermal renewable energy system. 

Commercial Refrigeration & Hot Water

Geothermal energy is extremely efficient for heating hot water in virtually unlimited quantities. Restaurants, Hotels, Sports Clubs, Spas, Public Schools, Dorms, Assisted Living Facilities, Retirement communities, all use large quantities of hot water.  Geothermal is so efficient in this application, geothermal hot water heating is certain to prove the least expensive solution - far less than using fossil fuel. 

Delivers 120+ degree commercial hot water at 50% savings vs Fossil Fuel.  DX geothermal is the only geothermal methodology that can be utilized for commercial refrigeration.  The lower coil temperature achieved only by Direct Exchange makes this possible.

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Heating and cooling for Multi-family dwelling where individual metering is required, an ideal application for Geothermal.

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Small Municipal Buildings

Apartments      &Condos

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