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'DX' Direct Exchange & Water Loop Systems

The US Department of Energy (DOE) reports: "Geothermal heat pumps are among the most efficient and comfortable heating and cooling technologies available. This technology has been keeping consumers comfortable for more than 50 years."

There are three basic Geothermal Technologies - Direct Exchange (DX), Closed Water Loops & Open Water Loops.

  • Direct Exchange 'DX' - uses refrigerant circulated in copper tubing as the heat transfer medium.  

  • Closed & Open Water Loops - use water/glycol/methanol circulated in buried plastic pipes to transfer heat from the ground. 

All use the same physics principle, using the earth as a 'heat source" and 'heat removal".

​Along with two geothermal technologies comes more than one methodology to transfer geothermal energy from the ground into a structure.  You can transfer the earths heat by circulating refrigerant in copper pipes ('DX' Direct Exchange) or circulating water through plastic pipes (water loops). 


Both geothermal technologies are many times more efficient than conventional oil or gas systems.  Consumers save up to 75% on annual heating and cooling bills. i.e. a 4000 sq. ft. home in Westchester, NY is comfortably heated and cooled for about $135. per month - all in! (request the case study).

The Geo Groups vast knowledge of building performance allows us to determine the best geothermal system for your application, structure and location.   For most residential applications, 'DX' is the technology of choice. Both are incredibly efficient although based on physics, the 'DX' method is 30% more efficient. ​ There are many applications where water loop systems better serve the project - such as larger commercial and industrial structures.  In this case we would specify and install the system or combination of systems, most suited to the application.  

Most HVAC and drilling contractors install one or the other.  The rationale has more to do with their comfort level with installation rather than the appropriate technology and equipment for a specific application.  

The Geo Group specializes in all technologies with firsthand experience in 'DX' Direct Exchange and Water Loop Systems for new construction and retro-fits for residential and commercial properties.  

Water Loop System

Invasive Excavation

Geo Techs HDPE Drill 2.png

'DX' System Minimal Excavation - Drilling Only 3.5" Holes

Geo Tech Cooper.Drill4.png

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'DX' Direct Exchange & Water Loop Systems


Mike & Joanna H.

Bergen County, NJ

Retrofit - Water Loop Geothermal

" . . . We switched from natural gas and feel the difference in the air quality & comfort. We were so pleased with the Geo Group we . . .


John & Beth R.

Westchester County, NY

New Construction - 'DX' Geothermal

" . . . The installation went without a hitch. It costs  less than $1300 a year to heat and cool the house. The comfort is amazing all seasons and . . . 

Pantiz a.jpg

Tom P. 

Dutchess County, NY

New Construction- 'DX' Geothermal

" . . . We have both a water loop system and a DX system designed & installed by the Geo Group. The DX system 'kicks ass', it's far better!"

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