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Moratorium &Pipelines

Reality Check

As antiquated gas lines reach capacity it is imperative utility companies enforce gas moratoriums to relieve the over-pressured pipelines.   More and more cities will be affected by Gas Moratoriums just as Con Ed has implemented in Westchester County, NY.

As recently indicated by  Energy Companies abandoning the plan of 600 Miles of Pipelines along the Atlantic Coast. 


Con Ed’s moratorium is an increasing reality for many cities.   But so is the reality of exploiting a viable, safe and economically compelling alternative to gas, oil and propane – Ground Source Heat Pumps, also known as Geothermal Heating and Cooling Systems - and are a growing trend for Residential and Commercial applications.


For Commercial Projects such as condos, apartments, municipal buildings and office space, Investment Tax Credits, Accelerated Depreciation, State & Utility Cash Incentives make it even more persuasive to capitalize on the Geothermal solution.


Residential Homes utilizing Geothermal in both retrofits and new construction are rewarded with a 30% Uncapped Federal Tax Credit, State and Utility cash incentives  - these incentives add up quickly and generally becomes less expensive than Gas – making an even more compelling argument for clean, sustainable, safe alternatives.  These savings are before considering the monthly costs for Geothermal Heating and Cooling. Translated, geothermal adds up to 30% Monthly Savings over Gas and  50%-80% over Oil and Propane.


Little known fact to add to the equation – Natural Gas is 70 Times More Potent than CO2 in destroying the atmosphere – More than all other Fossil Fuels. 

Economically Compelling – Environmentally Responsible . . . Geothermal Heating and Cooling.

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