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Water Based Specialty Applications

        Ground Source Heat Pump

Water Based Specialty Applications

The Geo Group goes beyond traditional residential and commercial heating, cooling and hot water.  In addition to residential applications  our Water Loop Geothermal solutions are tailored for Specialty Applications and Larger Structures above 30,000 sq. ft. as well . . .SBA loans, Federal Tax Credits and Rebates are available, ask your energy professional.

Storage Facilities & Warehouses

This application has different use specifications than offices and residential.  The heating and cooling loads are distinctive and geothermal energy can economically supply the unique heating, cooling and hot water requirements. Maintaining exact temperature is a great geothermal feature.  Geothermal doesn't require setbacks for furnaces and boilers.


Apartment Buildings

Geothermal can be designed for multi-family dwellings, apartments and condos using specific geothermal fields and compressor assemblies to individually meter electrical consumption to run the systems.

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