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Never Purchase Oil, Gas or Propane Again!


Higher Performance
. . . Delivers Higher Incentives

Save up to 80% in

Heating & Cooling

Working from home is no longer a dream but a reality.  Research indicates employers have seen an increase in productivity with employees working from home. 


Well, you've probably noticed by now, while your employer is getting increased productivity, you're getting increased Utility Bills.


There are savings you accrue without commuting and morning lattes; and employers saving on staples, paper and expenses associated with office space.  Companies and employers are able to save money on heating and cooling theses buildings while reducing their carbon footprint, you're increasing your carbon footprint and paying higher utility bills to accommodate your productivity.  


No, there's no guarantee you'll be working from home forever, but we can guarantee you'll be paying heating and cooling bills forever.


The Good News Is . . . You Can Save up to 80% on Utility Bills Forever!


In addition, Federal & Local Governments with some Utility companies are offering huge incentives to install a GeoGroup Heating & Cooling Systems.  

Take a look at the facts below -  Real World Savings and the GeoGroup's Incentive Benefits Advantage Whether a Retrofit, Renovation or New Construction  . . .

Retrofit Residential

Chappaqua Exterior Front Wide Shot2.jpg

'DX' Geothermal

Westchester County, New York

6,000 Sq. Ft. - Chappaqua, New York

Monthly Geothermal Cost for Heating & Cooling

$292. /Month Geothermal  @ $0.18/Kwh


$  90. /Month Geothermal w/Solar​ TOTAL


Annual Cost Comparisons

$1,080. Geothermal vs $8,000 Fossil Fuel Oil


See NYS Incentive Comparisons Below . . . .


26% Uncapped Federal Tax Credit

The Department of Energy passed a Federal Tax Incentive for geothermal ground source heat pumps.  As a GeoGroup client you quality for a  26% Uncapped Tax Credit - a direct dollar for dollar tax credit*.

New York State Incentives 

 NYSERDA New York State Clean Heat Program as well as some NYS utility companies provide generous incentives for installation of a Geo Group ground source heat pump system.  The GeoGroup System qualifies for the highest incentives in the industry.  

Connecticut Incentives

The Geo Group is an approved contractor for DEEP (Department of Energy and Environmental Protection).  Connecticut homeowners can qualify for $1,500/ton up to $15,000 in heat pump incentives for a Geo Group Geothermal System. 

AHRI Logo.png

Compare Heat Pump Incentives


Westchester County

5 Ton Heat Pump
  61,500 BTU/h

Westchester County


Additional 30%





 Heat Pump

Geo Logo Blue wo leaf.png
Central Hudson Logo.png











5 Ton Heat Pump

     47,900 BTU/h

Con Edison Logo.jpg
NYSEG logo.jpg




O&R Logo.jpg




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 *The Geothermal Group does not provide tax, legal or accounting advise.  Speak with your legal and tax accountants to learn how your taxes will benefit by the Federal Tax Credit.

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