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Never Purchase Gas, Oil or Propane Again ! 


 The Geothermal Group

       Heating & Cooling

                . . . Perfected!

Real World Savings

Litchfield County, CT

4,600 Sq. Ft.

​$160. /Month Geothermal 

@ $0.20/Kwh

$ 50. /Month Geothermal

w/Solar​ TOTAL


Annual Cost Comparisons

$600. Geothermal vs $5,175.  Fossil Fuel

New Construction
'DX' Direct Exchange Geothermal

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  The Geothermal Group

         Specialists in: 


​ 'DX' Direct Exchange Advanced Technology

 New Construction & Retrofits

 'Turn-Key' Geothermal Solutions


Water Loop Systems

 Residential & Commercial Projects


 Over 550 Successful Installations




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Why The


#1 Geothermal Installers in the NE



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The first thought that usually comes to mind when thinking about Renewable Energy is Solar and Wind 

Here are the facts . . . 

  • 62% of energy usage is for Heating, Cooling & Hot Water

  • Ground Source Heat Pumps Saves 50% - 80% year-round making any cost for oil, gas or propane cost prohibitive (even in high efficiency furnace systems).

  • Geothermal Systems 450% - 600% Efficiency 
    Fossil Fuel Boiler 80% - 93% Efficiency     ​

  On-Going Benefits -

  • No Longer Purchase Oil, Gas Or Propane


  • Pays for itself in approximately 5 - 7 years 


  • No Cost - other than nominal electric

  • Increases property value - Every $1. saved annually in energy increases property value by $20. 
    So - $5,000 saved = $100,000 increase in property value. * 
    *National Association of Real Estate Appraisers (NAREA)


  • Made in USA


  • 30% Uncapped Federal Tax Credit Available

  • State and Utility Incentives Available

New Construction Or Renovation?

Up load your plans to

Get A 'No Hidden Cost' Custom Estimate

Have Questions, and Who Doesn't, or to Learn More About Geothermal Technologies and Savings for:

Hudson Valley, NY, NJ, CT

Call 844.500.4545 

Delaware Valley, PA, DE

Call 610.755.5268

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