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New Construction

Ground Source Heat Pumps

3720 Sq. Ft. - Residential

Geothermal Cost For Heating & Cooling

$104.  /Month Geothermal (.18Kwh)

$  35. /Month Geothermal W/Solar

Westchester County, NY

Annual Comparisons

$1,248 Geothermal vs. $3,330. Fossil Fuel

Comfort Every Room, Every Season 

Going beyond Savings, Efficiency and Environment . . . Clients are so impressed with the comfort, it often seems to overshadow all other tangible benefits.  

Geothermal Cooling is not central air conditioning as we know it. The equipment is compact and located inside the structure. No noisy compressor outside a window - ensuring extended longevity over conventional systems. 

Cooling is described as ". . . feels like a spring morning - free of humidity, the soft touch of spring air.  Never wet, muggy or clammy."

Geothermal Heating out performs traditional heating in every way. The heating cycle delivers ". . . warmth without drying, consistent climate control - gentle, warm heat."

Geothermal elevates the experience of comfort in your personal environment, air quality that delivers ". . . Perfect Comfort, Every Room, Every Season."

The first thought that usually comes to mind when thinking about Renewable Energy is Solar and Wind 
Here are the facts . . . 

  • 62% of energy usage is for Heating, Cooling & Hot Water

  • Ground Source Heat Pumps Saves 50% - 80% year-round making any cost for oil, gas or propane cost prohibitive (even in high efficiency furnace systems).

  • Geothermal Systems 450% - 600% Efficiency 
     Fossil Fuel Boiler 80% - 93% Efficiency     ​

On-Going Benefits

  • No Longer Purchase Oil, Gas Or Propane


  • Pays for itself in approximately 5 - 7 years 


  • No Cost - other than nominal electric

  • Increases property value - Every $1. saved annually in energy increases property value by $20. 
    So - $5,000 saved = $100,000 increase in property value. * 
    *National Association of Real Estate Appraisers (NAREA)


  • Made in USA


  • 26% Uncapped Federal Tax Credit Available

  • NYSERDA Rebates Available (NYS Only)

Geothermal Energy


Geothermal energy is simple - the earth is a giant heat storage battery. 

​Every minute of every day the sun heats the ground and the earth retains the heat.

​​In the Northeast, just 15 feet below the surface the ground heat is about 53 degrees Fahrenheit all year round. 

This abundant constant heat is called​​​ . . .
 "Geothermal Energy"'.

​FREE Renewable Energy just below your feet, right in your own backyard . . .

​​We have the Power to Change - Geothermal heating and cooling energy transferred from the ground into your home or business delivers the most efficient and comfortable heating and cooling available today.​



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