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 'DX' is less invasive requiring small shallow bore holes - only 3.5" and smaller equipment which can be maneuvered in tighter locations - literally accommodating most locations and structures.


 ’DX' has two heat transfers instead of three making it at least 20% - 30% more efficient. Natures preference. The reasons for higher efficiency aren't better engineering, but physics.  Materials make a difference.  Copper tubing, a superior heat conductor is the material used in DX systems.  'DX' requires fewer heat transfer steps resulting in a 20% 'DX' efficiency advantage.  

Refrigerant & Copper System - versus plastic tubing and water/glycol solution in water loop systems.  Copper transfers heat 900 times more efficiently than plastic.


Low Maintenance - fewer repairs than water based systems, as reliable as your refrigerator. Fewer heat transfers, less moving parts, less maintenance. ​

System Reliability - both 'DX' and water loop systems have unsurpassed equipment reliability - especially compared to conventional heating and cooling systems.  Frequency of repair is low for both technologies. The difference is Water loop systems require additional equipment and a plumbing circuit and 'DX' features only one moving part.  Common wisdom is fewer moving parts, fewer repairs, improved longevity.


System Cost - 'DX' and Water loops systems are typically within 5% each other.

'DX' delivers perfect comfort, every room, every season.  Heat without drying, Cool without humidity.



Worry less about the technology and more about the application and expertise and references offered by the contractor.  Having proficiencies in both technologies will guarantee the best system design, quality and performance your application. . . 

1 - Installation

2 - Performance

3 - Maintenance

4 - Cost

5 - Comfort

6 -Bottom Line

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