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 The Inside Story

 Geothermal Technologies

5 Things You Should Know

About Geothermal Technologies


 'DX' is less invasive requiring small shallow bore holes - only 3.5" and smaller equipment which can be maneuvered in tighter locations - literally accommodating most locations and structures.


 ’DX' has two heat transfers instead of three making it at least 20% - 30% more efficient. Natures preference. The reasons for higher efficiency aren't better engineering, but physics.  Materials make a difference.  Copper tubing, a superior heat conductor is the material used in DX systems.  'DX' requires fewer heat transfer steps resulting in a 20% 'DX' efficiency advantage.  

Refrigerant & Copper System - versus plastic tubing and water/glycol solution in water loop systems.  Copper transfers heat 900 times more efficiently than plastic.


Low Maintenance - fewer repairs than water based systems, as reliable as your refrigerator. Fewer heat transfers, less moving parts, less maintenance. ​

System Reliability - both 'DX' and water loop systems have unsurpassed equipment reliability - especially compared to conventional heating and cooling systems.  Frequency of repair is low for both technologies. The difference is Water loop systems require additional equipment and a plumbing circuit and 'DX' features only one moving part.  Common wisdom is fewer moving parts, fewer repairs, improved longevity.


System Cost - 'DX' and Water loops systems are typically within 5% each other.

'DX' delivers perfect comfort, every room, every season.  Heat without drying, Cool without humidity.

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1 - Installation

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2 - Performance

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3 - Maintenance

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4 - Cost

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5 - Comfort

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